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Gossip Accessories was formed in 1986, my partner and I worked tirelessly making drawstring handbags out of man-made leather and adorning them with various beads,studs and applique designs and then added tee shirts as well adorning them in the same way. We held home parties and eventually even had stores buying from us and had 4 women making the products for us. I went back into the esthetic world for a while and in 2011 I came across a line of jeweled scarves and so began my new business – accessories! I now had a way of being involved in this fascinating side of women’s fashion and could show them that, even if they have on a pair of jeans, by adding accessories, they can dress it up to go anywhere at any time. From the office to a party by simply adding accessories.

We pride ourselves on being able to show women how they can add panache to their existing clothing by adding scarves , fashion jewellery and handbags to adorn any outfit.
Home parties are great and I really get to spend time with some lovely ladies of all ages and the interaction with their friends is contagious when they see firsthand what the concept of accessories can do for them.

My latest campaign is called `3 PLUS ME’ and these events are held at my home. When you bring along 3 friends you ,as the hostess, are rewarded with 15% of total sales towards your wish list plus discounts of whatever else you desire. Women love partying with their friends and add shopping and a glass of wine to the mix and they are in their element. We have a lot of fun at these events and the ladies are amazed when I demonstrate the different ways of accessorizing

I continuously strive to add amazing items to my collection so stay tuned for what is to come.





Monat Hair Products

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Monat hair products

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